Why the Academy

The one thing all language experts agree on is that you must use the language to learn it. Engage, Immerse, Speak often, Practice.

Katharine B. Nielson, the chief education officer at Voxy, a language-learning company based in New York City said:
“What they need instead is the chance to use language the way it was intended,as a tool for communication, not as a complex set of rules to master.”

Gruff Davies, co-founder of Kwiziq.com said: “Memory fades unless it’s used. Low-intensity studies (i.e. school French) are ineffective because their intensity is so low that you end up forgetting a large percentage of what you learn.”

Annalee Newitz’s American Journalist said: “The most tried-and-true method is the immersion technique.”

Katheryn Rivas Free Lance Writer said: “You learn to let your fears go, You learn the way children learn-naturally, You become acquainted with the way the language is spoken in “real life.”Whatever you do, try to replicate the immersion environment as best as you can. We memorize by rote a few words, we take a few tests, and when language learning is no longer a requirement, we forget everything immediately.”